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Ron Dunn's Slot Machine Story
Authored by: Anonymous onSunday, November 29 2009 @ 10:50 PM UTC
Hi Ron;
I read your story on the slots I was trying to get touch with you as I am writing a book on June and my family,s life up at June. I did a story on the slots .and needed your in put your story help me a lots I remember your dad when he came to check them out and his people who counted the money Bill,s uncle worked for your dad. Here is the story were the machines went we put ours in the frozen food lockers and Bill put there in the ice storage room under the saw dust .Many were put into Hmiltons general Stores tin shed in back of our store were the state stored them after they ceased them they contacted my dad Louie to haul them down to Wilmington to the smelt .He took them to the place and they told him all the wood base had to be removed so dad brought them to our friends Lomita home were we took them apart to remove the bases .Pretty soon money was coming out as we worked so we got coffee cans to store our find we had to get the job done in 5 days which we did and the metal was hauled away that is were most of them went.Bill said they found some at the dump and Marshall Berry man and they killed them for the money that spelled out Not many were in the lake as we must to have 150 to 200 the state paid my dad for the job think I have the contact some where or did we had so many fires I will have to go thru things. But I remember that job well. My mom ,Myself and our girl friend B.J. did the work